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February 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024



Longport Media, LLC


Per Section 73.2080 (c) (6) of the FCC’s Rules, this report will address the EEO requirements for the Station Employment Unit that consists of the following stations:


WOND-AM, Pleasantville, NJ             Website:

WMGM-FM Atlantic City, NJ              Website:

WTKU-FM Petersburg, NJ                   Website:

WBSS-AM Pleasantville, NJ                 Website:



This Report is arranged as follows:


Attachment “A”

Full Time Jobs filled by the station(s) comprising the Station Employment Unit during the above period.


Attachment “B”

Recruitment Sources used for each such vacancy, reflecting the number of people interviewed and the total number of interviewees referred by each recruiting source utilized in connection with these vacancies


Attachment “C”

Outreach Initiatives featuring a list and description of each initiative undertaken pursuant to Section 73.2080 (c) (2) of the FCC’s rules




Attachment “A”

Full Time Jobs Filled

There was one full time position filled during the period.

Position filled: Account Executive



Attachment “B”

Recruitment Sources Used

On-air ads (WBSS-AM, WMGM-FM, WOND-AM, WTKU-FM) and online ads (,,,,, ran advertising our full time opening.

                A total of four (4) people were interviewed.

The one (1) person hired responded to a Facebook ad directing them to

Our three (3) other interviewees also responded to Facebook ads that directed them to



Attachment “C”

Outreach lnitiatives


Longport Media provided outreach to students/community members interested in careers in broadcasting or learning about the broadcasting industry.

Longport Media had interns from the following colleges during this period:

                Atlantic Cape Community College – 1

                Stockton University – 1

Each intern was exposed to various functions and projects during their duration here.




Longport Media regularly conducts group tours at our broadcast facility designed to disseminate information about jobs in broadcasting:

Cub Scouts:        13 attendees on March  3, 2023

Tiger Scouts:      N/A


Longport Media administered the following scholarship for high school seniors interested in pursuing careers in broadcasting:

The Tom Lamaine Scholarship


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