Sean Patrick

What Blog?

Guess I forgot to Blog for awhile.  Oops.  Let’s see where did I leave off...

Zombie/Manson BB&T.  Zombie killed.  Manson, ehh... he showed up.  

WMGM Presents Counting Crows/Live... another exclusive WMGM Concert event at the Hard Rock In AC.  Lots of WMGM Listeners.  Live was amazing.  Counting Crows was past my bedtime.  Brought both bands on.  Good crowd!

ELO @ the Wells Fargo Center blew me away.  One of my favorites shows of the year.  Old dudes still got it!!!  Godsmack/Shinedown BB&T... as always, Shinedown delivered.  Solid live band every time.  Godsmack solid too.  Tough to follow Shinedown though.

Poof the summer is just about over.

The Mighty Priest.  Halford’s still got it!  Ozzy/Stone Sour BB&T.  Corey and boys on
point.  Always good.  Ozzy is Ozzy.  Good hearing those solo songs live again.  Zakk killin’ it!

Wrapped the Party Cruises.  Resorts Beer Fest.  Good times!  Golden Nugget Beer Fest.  They left me alone with all the beer.  Found out I shouldn’t say that on air.

I’ll tackle October, November, December shortly