Sean Patrick

Halestorm - Vicious review

Halestorm - Vicious 

It's no secret I'm a big Halestorm fan.  Lzzy's voice.  Solid, tight live band.  Catchy, rockin' tunes.  Melodic.  My sound 100%.  Their self titled debut sucked me in.  The follow up, The Strange Case Of, equally impressed me.  Loved the cover EP's they offer in between records.  The last release, Into The Wild Life, offered some great tunes, but often felt forced and very unfocused.  It had it's great moments, but fell quite short of my expectations.  

Recent interviews hinted to the band going back to their rock roots and this has held true.  

Vicious is a rocker straight through.  Even when they strip down for a couple acoustic tracks, the record doesn't slow down and continues to rock with attitude which I believe is Halestorm's strength.  Rocking the F out with a don't give a shit rock attitude.  


The record kicks off with a couple of rockers (Black Vultures and Skulls) that set the tune of the record.  Track 3, Uncomfortable, the first single off the record that is about to crack the top 5 on rock radio, is the perfect rock out, balls out way to introduce the new record to fans and listeners.  Track 4 Buzz, at the moment is my favorite.  Super catchy with a hook that will stay in your head.  Do Not Disturb is next, another rocker that leads into track 6 Conflicted, a bluesy, sexy rocker that might be my second fave at the moment.  Another rocker, Kiling Ourselves to Live, keeps the energy high before they strip down for an acoustic track Heart of Novocaine.  I see this being a lighters in the air track live with Lzzy on stage belting out the song.  Painkiller, White Dress, Vicious get the record back to rocking out.  It's refreshing to hear the band just rockin'.  Yeah, I mentioned Into The Wild Life wasn't my favorite.  The record closes out with the acoustic track The Silence.  By the middle of the song I was already humming along.  

I've mentioned to some friends and listeners that I look for great songs, since great albums seem to be a thing of the past.  This Halestorm record isn't just a few good songs, it's a whole lot of good songs.  I like Vicious from start to finish.  Now to see these tracks live are needed.