Sean Patrick

2 Night Stay with the Foos

Foo Fighters are in the middle of their Concrete and Gold 2018 Tour thast found its way to the east coast in July.  I took in 2 shows... the BB&T Pavilion on July 7th and night #2 of their 2 night sold out stay at Madison Square Garden.  

Camden was a solid reminder of why I saw them 3 times in 2015, with this show totaling 9 Foos shows for me since 2000.  From the hits... All My Life, The Pretender, My Hero, and Best of You... to the new tracks like Run, The Sky Is A Neighborhood, and Dirty Water... to covers like the Imagine+Jump mash up and Under Pressure (complete with opener The Struts frontman) tackling vocals with Taylor Hawkins and Grohl on drums.  There was a dull moment.  The nearly 3 hour show was spot on with the crowd singing note for note.  The closer, Everlong, found the crowd as loud as the band.  This Is A Call, Rope, These Days, Walk, Times Like These... I need a round 2....................

And that's exactly what I got on July 17th at Madison Square Garden.  Night 2.  Sold Out.  Caught some of The Struts.  Killer band and full of energy on stage.  Throwback to the 70's glam scene with Iggy, Ziggy, and TRex.  Then the man course... Foo FIghters hit the stage with a one two punch of All My Life and The Pretender.  The evening included a encore performance of the Under Pressure with Struts frontman dueting with Taylor Hawkins.  MSG also got a little Billy Joel "You May Be Right" along with Dave Koz on saxophone playing on the a new track, La Dee Da.  The sold out crowd never sat.  Never stayed silent, singing word for word to every song.  So did I!!!  Everlong closed the night once again.  My thrid MSG show (Iron Maiden and Temple of the Dog being the other two), all sold out, and all simply amazing.