Sean Patrick

Last couple of weeks Review

Slacking a bit on the blogging.  So I'll pile a bunch into one blog...


Rainy party cruise in SIC.  Shout out to all that braved it.  Thanks for parting with us!!!

Poison & Cheap Trick.  Always a fun party.  Dammit I love Cheap Trick!!!  Surrender, Dream Police!!!  Poison brought the hits... Talk Dirty to Me, Every Rose, Fallen Angel, Ride the Wind, Good Time.  Dedicated the show to the late, great Vinnie Paul!   Love the PNC Arts Center.  I miss the 80's!!!

Congrats to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on their Grand Opening.  Awesome getting the chance to broadcast for a couple of days.  The music memorabilia is insane.  The Etess looks great.  The entrace from the garage to the casino floor is amazing.  No doubt the Hard Rock will be a HUGE success in Atlantic City... and speaking of the Hard Rock.  Went to the taping of a Howie Mandel comedy show.  Maybe I'll make TV!!!  The Howie Mandel Comedy Club (doubling as the Soundwave concert venue) will be a fun venue to see concerts and comedy shows.  Back in the day, my first show in that room was 12/31/1999 with Rick Springfield. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Yuengling and Rob Mullin for stopping by the studio to chat (and drink) the brand new Yuengling Golden Pilsner.  Thanks to Dave Grohl, the pilsner came in handy and is all gone!  (hint hint) 

WMGM Presents Theory of a Deadman at Harrahs AC.  Solid live band filled with a bunch of hits... RX, Bad Girlfriend, Lowlife, Santa Monica, Hate My Life.  Big thank you to the band (and Phil MFn Kaso) for coming into the WMGM Yuengling Studio to chat and meet some listeners.  Always such a cool, chill band.  

Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos... that'll get a separate blog!!!!