Sean Patrick

Atlantic City Summer Concerts/Press of AC

A bit from The Press of Atlantic City article talking about the Atlantic City Concert Season and its resurgence.

ATLANTIC CITY — Sean Patrick has been around long enough to remember when A-list music acts like Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam played the casinos.

Booking for those kinds of acts was scaled back when the recession hit in 2008, even more so as five casinos closed between 2014 and 2016.

“For a while there, Atlantic City was well-rounded. You would have your tried-and-true acts. You would have your tribute acts, and your typical stuff for Atlantic City, but you would also have the newer (ones), and it’s starting to come that way again,” said Patrick, the midday host at rock radio station WMGM-FM 103.7.

“Then, Borgata came (in 2003), and they took over that kind of younger-act theme. Then, when the House of Blues came (in 2005), they did the same thing. When the House of Blues closed down (in 2014), a lot of those acts just didn’t come around here anymore,” Patrick said.

WMGM will be doing exclusive shows this summer at the Hard Rock, with a triple bill of Stone Temple Pilots, Bush and The Cult and a double bill of Counting Crows and Live in August.

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