Sean Patrick

Def Leppard - Prudential Center - 6/15/2018

Def Leppard - Prudential Center - 6/15/2018

This blog will be short.  Traveled up to Newark to see Def Leppard (openers this night) at the Prudential Center (my first visit to the home of the NJ Devils) and split before Journey hit the stage (good show, but would do nothing for me after Leppard).

Leppard offered the same setlist as the Philly show, and the entire tour so far for that matter.  Yes, I would love to see them switch it up and play some deeper cuts, but as soon as they hit the stage it doesn't really matter to me.  I'm just glad they're still out there touring and playing.  Rocket to Animal to Foolin... Armaggedon It to Two Steps Behind to Hysteria... Pour Some of Sugar On Me to Rock of Ages to Photograph.  The soundtrack of my life.  The band is always tight.  Frontman Joe Elliott is always active on stage and with the crowd. His voice struggles with some of the high notes but still sounding good throughout the evening.  Journey could have taken the night off and let Leppard play another hour IMO.  I know that won't happen, but hey I can dream.

I do wanna menton the Prudential Center or The Rock as it's known to Devils fans.  Cool building.  Grammy Museum attached (I'll have to visit at some point).  I really dug the small area next to the center for block parties, complete with local radio station entertainment, food truck, beer truck, cornerhole, and more.  I'd visit Newark again, at least for a show.  The neighborhood well.......


And see, more Leppard beer...