Sean Patrick

U2 - Wells Fargo Center - 6/13/2018

U2 - Wells Fargo Center

U2 brought their Innocence + Experience Tour for 2 nights to the Wells Fargo Center.  I got to check out night #1 on June 13th to a nearly sold out crowd in Philly.   

Never the biggest U2 fan, but I dig a lot of their material, always impressed with their live shows and this time was no different.  The stage set was impressive.  Two stages connected by a long catwalk and giant screens reaching from one stage to the other.  Cool thing about he LED screens was you could actually see through them at times but never took away from the videos on them.  The show had soemthing for everyone, unless you were a Joshua Tree fan as they left out anything from the record since they played it in its entirety on the 2017 tour.  Like the record, but it saved me from hearing With or Without You.  Lots of new material that was set to tell a story, including the singles "You're The Best Thing About Me" and "Get Out Of Your Own Way".  Lots of hits as well... "Sunday Bloody Sunday" played on the catwalk with all 4 members including drummer Larry Mullen with a drum strapped to him to make him mobile, "Pride", "Desire", "I Will Follow", "Beautiful Day", and more.  Some lesser played songs were included that were two of moy favorites... "Untl The End of The World" and "Staring at the Sun".  The entire band was mobile, especially Bono and The Edge, which later played just a few feet from my center arena seats.  

As always, the band was tight.  Bono sounded pretty amazing.  The message was strong.  If you went to the show, any U2 show and didn't think a political statement wasn't going to be made you were sadly mistaken.  Even a brief intermission included a comic book/cartoon video played to a remix version of "Hold Me, Kill me, Thril Me, Kiss Me" from the Batman soundtrack.

The Hall of Famers delivered once again.  Even the casual U2 fan would have left amazed from the evening.  And because one night ws night enough, U2 came back for night #2 the following evening.