Sean Patrick

Def Leppard/Journey - Wells Fargo Center 6/11

Def Leppard/Journey - Wells Fargo Center - 6/11

The biggest summer tour of 2006 decided to team up once again.  Def Leppard & Journey have teamed up for a co-headlining spring/summer trek that saw the tour hit Philadelphia on Monday night.  About 11,000+ filled the Wells Fargo Center for an evening that was filled with a ton of hits, lots of melodic, and the feeling it was 1988 all over again.

Journey opened the show on this stop.  Not wasting any time, they hit the crowd with the opener Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart), Only the Young, and Be Good To Yourself.  The set offered only a couple songs that were not well known and continue the theme of hit (Open Arms) after hit (Wheel in the Sky) after hit (Don't Stop Believin).  The encore offered one song, Any Way You Want It.  A giant screen projected many Journey albums covers and logos throughout the evening.  Journey frontman Arnel Pineda did his best Steve Perry impersonation.  The band is still tight after all these years.  Nice opening for the headliners...

Def Leppard.  33rd time since 1987 for me.  Clearly, I'm a bit bias.  The night opened with Rocket, Animal, and Foolin'.  Like I said earlier, hit after hit after hit.  They offered When Love and Hate Collide next.  A ballad and the only new track from their 1995 greatest hits record Vault.  Not a huge hit in the States, but their biggest in the UK.  Nice to hear something a little different.  The evening continued with tons of hits... Armaggedon It, Bringing on the Heartbreak, Hysteria, Sugar, Rock of Ages, and the closer Photograph.  They offered one cover, Rock On, and one track from their 2015 release, Man Enough.  The giant screen showed videos, classic pictures, and more throughout the set.  The green lasers from the Hysteria tour returned.  The band tight.  Joe Elliott, never the greatest live, seemed to find his voice once again for the evening. 

Honestly, they could have played for another hour.  Hell, Journey could have stayed home lol.  A great evening overall.  Got to try the new Def Leppard IPA beer.  Digging it as well.