Sean Patrick

Tool Music Clinic - Fillmore Philly 5/23/18

Tool Music Clinic - The Fillmore Philadelphia 

Wednesday, May 23rd Tool gave me one of the most memorable moments I've experienced in my radio career.  Most bands of their stature wouldn't give fans an inside look into the studio in an intimate, let alone live setting.  Without Maynard, the rest of Tool (Adam, Danny, & Justin) gave fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life in the studio with the band, a chance to ask the band questions, and give a look at the history of Tool with a traveling museum.  

Teh music clinic kicked off with a host explaining the evening and giving fans in attendance a chance to share their personal Tool experiences and what the bands music means to them.  Oh, phones and cameras on lockdown.  Seeling in a magnetically locked pouch.  The band entered the Fillmore filled with folding chairs, lights on, and ripped into 2 songs.  Of course, the evening was filled with all instrumentals with the absence of frontman Keenan.  Every couple songs the band would take a break for a Q&A and explanation of songs, writing, and studio craft.  The evening included a never before seen video, live parts of new songs that will see the light of day soon, we all hope!!!  During a Danny Carey drum solo, Adam and Justin mingle into the crowd.  I actually I a minute with Jones as he was concerned where I was I sitting in the back and if I could see and hear everything.  I assured him I couldn't happier with my view and comfortable padded seat.  The crowd offered many stories and interesting questions throughout the evening.  The sounding amazing, ripping through their catalog of songs instrumentally, never missing a beat.  Though I was already aware, the Tool music clinic solidified that the band is one of the most gifted group of musicians out there.  The evening ended with a couple of songs, members coming out into the crowd for a group picture, and eventually mingling in the lobby.  A quick handshake and thank you with drummer Danny Carey and my evening was comnplete.

The musuem was filled with platinum records, Grammy's, video models, tour posters, a famous pair of converse, and more.  An amazing evening.  Felt like I was watching a live version of the TV series Classic Albums.  At $500 a ticket, it was pricey but if you have that kind of cash laying around, it was definitely worth the admission and experience.