Sean Patrick

Shinedown - Attention Attention Review

Shinedown - Attention Attention 

Shinedown returns with their follow up to 2015's "Threat To Survival" with "Attention Attention", a concept record that deals with an emotionally unstable individual that by the end of the record is a completely changed person.  Though a concept record, I listened to Attention Attention as individual tracks, not for the concept though listening you can't help but notice a theme and story line. 

Attention Attention kicks off with a quick intro and into the first single "Devil", which has already topped the charts and into another song I can hear making its way to radio "Black Soul".  The record is filled with tried and true sounding Shinedown songs like the title track, "Monsters", "Creatures", and the closer "Brilliant".  Shinedown's strong point for me is when they simply rock out like on tracks "Pyro" and "Evolve".  Attention Attention has the always included ballad "Special", though it was the exact opposite for me.  Couple of tracks sound like Imagine Dragons songs with slightly louder guitar like "Get Up" and "Kill Your Conscience".  I have mixed feeling about this record.  The sounds I like, I really like.  Lots of filler throughout the record for me, much like Godsmack's latest "When Legends Rise".  Two songs that caught my ear immediately were "Darkside" and "The Human Radio".  Shinedown chose to use a lot of effects and vocal distortion throughout the record, as well as piano. 

Strongest on Attention Attention are the quick, simple rock songs.  I love the drum sound throughout the record and Brent Smith's vocals rarely disappoint, but.... I tend to hear, especially on the last couple records Smith sings tot he rhythm/tempo of the songs rather then just singing.  He follows the music, rather then the music following him if that makes sense. 

Solid B for me.  I like my Shinedown live and look forward to hearing many of these tracks live at the BB&T Pavilion on August 26th with Godsmack and Red Sun Rising.