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Dorothy - 28 Days in the Valley Review

Dorothy - 28 Days in the Valley

Lets face it, Dorothy Martin is easy on the eyes.  Listen to her sing on 28 Days in the Valley and you'll forget what Ms. Martin looks like and focus on her soulfulness and the power of her voice.  I'm a sucker for an amazing female fronted rock band (Heart, Halestorm, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar) and Dorothy is right up there with them.  

Dorothy hit the scene in 2016 with their debut, "Rockisdead", receiving most positive reviews and moderate airplay on rock radio.  Revamped with a new band and producer/songwriter Linda Perry (frontwoman of 4 Non Blondes & credits include Pink, Christina Aguilera, Cheap Trick, Alicia Keys to name a few), Martin returns with Dorothy's second release "28 Days in the Valley".


28 Days opens with the current hit single, "Flawless", a breakup song about a scorned woman (think a less angry Alanis "You Oughta Know") but still makes its point.  Immediately Martin's vocals hit you.  Powerful, full of soul.  At times they remind me of Sheryl Crow, just less poppy and happy.  28 Days is a departure from Dorothy's hard rockin' debut Rockisdead.  You could tell with the debut the rock horns were held high in the studio (just look at past pictures of Dorothy Martin sporting Slayer, Megadeth, and Metallica shirts).  28 Days in the Valley has a throwback sound, feeling very 70s-ish.  Songs like "Pretty When You're High", "Mountain", "White Butterfly", and "Philadelphia" display Martin's powerful, raspy voice.  You can hear traces of Stevie Nicks.  Hint of Grace Potter.  At time similiar, maybe influenced but definitely a voice of her own.  The album rocks out with tracks like "We Are Stars" and "Who Do You Love", the latter sounding like we time warped to the 70's during Grace Slick's heyday.  The record is solid from start to finish, even when slowing down for the title track that is a trippy tune that you can smell the weed coming out of your speakers. 

This is the perfect record to blast on your car radio with the windows or the top down all summer long.  Relatable lyrics, solid guitar work, and the power of Dorothy Martin's voice will have this on repeat for many (probably me included)

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