Sean Patrick

Steel Panther - TLA 5/1

Steel Panther - TLA - 5/1

If you don't know Steel Panther, picture Motley Crue or Poison in their heyday with raunchy lyrics.  Yes, raunchier then Girls, Girls, Girls or Talk Dirty To Me.  Think NC-17.  Oh, and it's glorious!!!

Steel Panther brought their Sunset Strip Live tour to the TLA in Philly on Tuesday night.  The near capacity TLA was ready for the Eye of the Panther and that's exactly what they got with the opener.  Classics like Goin In the Backdoor, Poontang Boomerang, Gloryhole, Community Property, and the crowd pleaser Death to All But Metal.  The show is full of band introductions, solos, and yes ladies on stage dancing and some even stripping.  I did mention raunchy earlier correct?  This Steel Panther tour featured a bunch of covers taking the band back to their Vegas days as Metal Skool.  Tuesday night saw them cover Def Leppard (Pour Some Sugar On Me), Ozzy (Crazy Train), Van Halen (Dance the Night Away), and Bon Jovi (Livin On A Prayer).  Oh, don't wanna forget one of the highlights for me, Fat Girl (Thar She Blows).  Yes, I'm going to hell right next to Steel Panther and Matt Murray as well!!!

Killer night of rock, hair metal, and entertainment.  The banter on stage between band members sometimes is even better than the actual songs.  Put it all together and Steel Panther is one big ol party every time they come to town!  Thank you Steel Panther and TLA for a great night.  Damn I miss 1988!!!