Sean Patrick

A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant Review

A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant 


Spent a couple days with the new A Perfect Circle record "Eat The Elephant", their first new record in 14 years and the follow up to 2004's "Emotive".  Go figure, Maynard James Keenan making people wait for a new record???  Hmmmmm...

The record kicks off with the title track and Disillusioned, which was my mind set after the first two songs.  Mellow, slow and losing me, but that quickly changed with track 3... The Contrarian.  Another mellow track (which btw is most of the record) but the drums and hamonizing vocals draw you in.  I put this on repeat a few times to listen closely.  Killer track.  The Doomed is next and the first thing we heard from Eat The Elephant last year.  Already a fan of this one and So Long, Thanks for the Fish is another good track.  Very catchy and actually leaning pop IMO.  Talk Talk is the current single on radio and is another track that draws you in.  As for the rest of the record, By and Down By the River has amazing guitar work.  Delicious is another track that leans poppy.  Hourglass is all over the place, with lots of electronic sounds that works well.  Feathers is growing on me as well.  The final track though, Get The Lead Out, takes me back to the first couple tracks where I find myself a little bored.  This is a great chill out record.  I have no doubt putting on a great pair of headphones will only inhance the listening experience.  Other things probably as well (wink, wink)!  The guitar work and drum sound on many of the tracks really stand out.  

Maynard's lyrics range from religion to politics to society in general.  His vocals are on point throughout the record and work amazing well with the instrumentation. Don't go into this record thinking of A Perfect Circle "Judith".  If you dig the current single "Talk Talk" then you will probably have this record on repeat for a while!  I enjoyed much of the record, aside from the first couple tracks and the final one.  Without them, I'd give Eat The Elephant a solid B+, maybe even an A-.  Overall, a B for me.  Good to have them back!!!