Sean Patrick

The Darkness - Starland Ballroom 4/21

What can I say, I love The Darkness.  One part Queen.  Lots of parts hair band.  All Rock n Roll.  The band is tight.  The visual is entertaining.  Did I mention Rock n Fn Roll??? 


From the opening tune Open Fire to One Way Ticket (To Hell & Back) to Every Inch Of You to an impromptu rendition of I Would Walk 5,000 Miles.  Every song from the debut had the crowd singing, dancing, and clapping along.  Black Shuck.  Get Your Hands Off My Woman.  Love Is Only A Feeling.  Love On The Rocks.  Friday Night.  Growing On Me and of course I Believe In A Thing Called Love.  They played 9 of the 10 songs off the debut.  I approve!!!  Yes the Starland was half full, but it didn’t matter.  Oh well, everyone in attendance was all in. Killer show.  100% Rock n Roll.  Frontman Justin Hawkins will probably never get his due as a great frontman like he should.  Energetic.  Interactive with the crowd.  In the crowd.  He is there to enterain and always does!

The Darkness never disappoint.  A fun, unapologetic Rock n Roll event every time!!!