Sean Patrick

New Red Sun Rising - Thread review

Red Sun Rising - Thread 

After listening to their debut, Polyester Zeal and seeing them live in AC in 2016, I’ve dug Red Sun Rising a lot.  Was looking forward to their follow up, Thread, which was released in late March.  After a second listen, here are my thoughts...

I didn’t find much memorable about the first 2 tracks, but track 3 and the first single, “Deathwish”, reminds me why I’ve taken a liking to this band.  Frontman Mike Protich vocals are unique and were the first thing I took notice of the band when they "The Otherside" a few years ago.  The next tracks that grabbed my attention on Thread were track 7 “Veins” & track 8 “Clarity”.  Thread, to me, has a lot of filler.  Not to say they are bad songs, but just nothing that catches my ear.  The record wraps up with “Evil Like You”, which is probably my favorite track on the record.  Sounds like nothing else on the record.  Heavier sound for Red Sun Rising.  I’d like to see them do more like this.  The track before the closer “Rose” was a solid tune as well.  

Saw them live the week before the record came out and impressed me live once again.  Thread has some great moments but it’s hit or miss.  Half the record is a solid B+ while the other half is about a C so I'll go with B- for Thread.

t a C for me.