Sean Patrick

New Stone Temple Pilots Review

Lots of listeners asking my thoughts on the new Stone Temple Pilots self titled release with their new lead singer Jeff Gutt.  So I gave it a couple listens since it's release and I'm ready to review.

I'm a die hard Weliand/STP fan.  Core and Purple are still on steady rotation in my CD player and even my record player.  Just recently listened to and redecovered how underrated Shangri La Dee Da was.  I was highly critical of their work with Chester Bennington.  Not that it was bad, it just wasn't STP and damn sure not STP live in my opinion.  I even went as far to call out the Deleo Brothers on the phone to sell me on keeping the band called Stone Temple Pilots.  They did sell me on it, but it just wasn't the same for me when I saw it live. 

Now with Scott and Chester both passing away, era #3 of STP is here with unknown frontman Jeff Gutt.  The first single "Meadow" is a really good track.  Sounds like the "Tiny Music" era of STP.  No doubt the Deleo Brothers and drummer Eric Kretz write some damn good music.  Some other stand out tracks for me are "Guilty", "Roll Me Under", and "The Art of Letting Go", which Gutt's vocals a very similair to Weiland.  Though I know Gutt has his on style, much of the record sounds as if Weiland is singing if you were a casual STP fan.  A lot of the record sounds like tracks that are good, but probably would have missed making a Weiland/STP record.  Towards the end of the record the songs started to blend together for me and weren't too memorable for me.


Gutt will be able to pull off the STP back catalog just fine, though the live stage show doesn't have a prayer of living up to the Weiland days with the band.     

This record isn't a blemish on the STP legacy and I guess it's a good starting point for the band with a new singer.  I give it a B- as a new STP with new singer record.  Overall a C for a record with the STP name on it.  Listening to it just makes me think of what could have been if Weiland could have kept it together, something we'll never know.