Sean Patrick

WMGM Presents Bush - Caesars - 4/7/18

WMGM Presents Bush - Caesars - 4/7/18

Another exclusive WMGM AC Concert Event this time featuring Bush @ Caesars.  Our second time Presenting Bush.  The last time was in May of 2013 at the House of Blues with Shinedown and Airbourne.

The evening started with a 4 hour pre show broadcast.  Shout out to all the listeners that stopped by and hung.  Thanks for the beers as always!!!  Next was a quick MnG with the Bush.  Always a gracious band complete with Gavin's pup in attendance.


I got to open the show and bring on the openers Atlas Genius who warmed up the crowd for a half hour.

Time to bring on Bush.  Another shout out to the one person that screamed that I sucked (Stay Classy Sir).  Bush quickly hit the stage and ripped into Everything Zen, their first single and smash hit from 1994's debut Sixteen Stone.  A few tracks from their new record, Black and White Rainbows, including the lastest single This Is War.  The set was filled with the hits you still hear on rock radio... Little Things, The Chemicals Between Us, Glycerine, The Sound of Winter, my fave Greedy Fly, and the closer Comedown.  I could have done without the REM cover, but what can you do.  The band is super tight and Gavin as always came out into the crowd several times including roaming the entire venue during the encore.  

Can't thank Caesars and their staff for an excellent evening.  Always easy and fun to work with!!!  Circus Maximus Theater is a great place to see a show with excellent sound!!!  Another great night in AC with a Rock show!!!!!  We should do it more often!!!