Sean Patrick

Seether/Letters From The Fire - Fillmore Philly - 7/27/17

Hit one of my favorite venues Thursday night to catch Seether on their Poison the Parish Tour.  The Fillmore Philadelphia is such an awesome venue to see a show.  It reminds me of a better laid out House of Blues AC, which I would take back in a heartbeat.  

Seether brought with them two openers, Big Story and a band you might have heard on WMGM, Letters From The Fire.  Hailing from San Francisco, Letters is a high energy, bit heavier band that is reminiscent of Halestorm.  Got to hang a bit before the show with front woman Alexa Kabazie and guitarist Mike Keller, who couldn't have been nicer.  Their new record, Worth the Pain, has been getting good reviews and a bit of airplay on rock radio.  Come to find out, the band barely knew Alexa when they went into the studio to record.  Their live show is what I expected from listening to their record. Hard rock.  High energy.  They didn't disappoint.  

Seether hit the stage a bit after 9:30 with a one two punch of Stoke the Fire and Gasoline.  A Seether show is always filled with rock radio hits that you know.  Their fans know every single word to every song.  Unlike Letters From The Fire, a Seether show isn't high energy, but the band and frontman Shaun Morgan are always on point and tight.  Truth and Rise Above This followed.  Though I cut out a bit early, Alexa from Letters joined Seether for Broken and from everyone I talked to, did a fantastic job.  Check the WMGM Facebook Fan page (@1037wmgm) and my fanpage (@seanpatrickwmgm) for videos from the show.


Another fun night at The Fillmore.  Ran into many WMGM listeners.  Many representing WMGM on their chests, which I and we say thank you!