Sean Patrick

Iron Maiden / Ghost - Barclays Center - 7/21/07

Round 2 with Iron Maiden & Ghost.  June 4th was Round 1 in Philly.  This time I made the trip to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  Nice venue.  Great show.

Ghost is one of those bands that you don't get the full experience until you see them live.  My first time was the Orion Festival in Badar Field in 2012.  Since then, Ive seen them in 2016 & 2017.  This would make #4.  Great show.  Visually stunning as well.  Opened with Square Hammer.  The sold out arena was about 60% filled at the time.  The same show as Philly as this was the second to last show on the tour.  Those who came in for Ghost definitely enjoyed the mini church that graced the stage.


By the time Iron Maiden hit the stage, not a seat was empty.  This was to be the last show on The Book of Souls tour, but a second Barclays show was added due to show #1 selling out.  Maiden show was the same as Philly as well, and pretty much the same set list as the entire show for the last couple years.  A bit frustrating considering Maiden's huge catalog to choose from, but it is what it is and well, they still never disappoint.  Tight, Dickinson's vocal on point, and of course during the title track of their latest, Eddie makes his appearance.  Is a Maiden show campy?  Absolutely.  Does it still rock your face off?  Of course.  The Trooper.  The Number of the Beast.  Powerslave.  Wasted Years.  And bunch off The Book of Souls, which btw is a damn good record.  


I knew going in it would be the same show as Philly, but I wanted to check out the Barclays Center for a show.  Nice venue.  A bit smaller than the Wells Fargo Center.  Sound was good.  Also my first trip to Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge, and many other first in our journey to NYC.  But as always, fun!

Thanks Maiden!