Sean Patrick

Incubus - BB&T Pavilion - 7/20

Leading up to this show I kept saying Incubus is one of those bands that I like on record, but I love even more live.  Thursday at the BB&T Pavilion was no except.

Got a chance to hang with the band preshow and they couldn't have been nicer.  First meet n greet I've been to that the band was doing arts and crafts on a giant sheet.  I'm assuming this will be for their charity, the Make Yourself Foundation.  

To be honest, I didn't go in for the openers, including Jimmy Eat World.  I did hear their last couple songs, including their biggest hit The Middle.  Sounded pretty good.  


Yet another show I've gone to in the last couple months that had this dark cloud hanging over it with the news of the suicide of Chester Bennington.  Incubus hit the stage just after 9pm.  The band is super tight as always, highlighting many songs from their latest release, 8, including the debut single Nimble Bastard.  Drive, Pardon Me, I Wish You Were Here, Stellar, along with many other hits and a few deeper cuts that had to satisfy the die hards as well.

A great night.  A steaming, hot night.  Side note, saw Karle for a quick minute and it was a good to hang Moon at a show!