Sean Patrick

Chevelle - Fillmore Philly - 7/13/17

The Thursday night Concert Tour continued with Chevelle at The Fillmore Philadelphia.  This band never disappoints.  For me, they get stronger with every release and tour.  Thursday was no exception.

Hitting the stage just after 9:30, Chevelle ripped thru Another Know It All and The Clincher.  Chevelle does a good just playing some deeper cuts for the die hard along with their hits like Hats Off to the Bull, Take Out the Gunman, Jars, Face to the Floor, their #1 hit from their latest release Joyride (Omen), and their current single Rivers, which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  There's not a lot of flash on stage unlike many of the bands Chevelle is compared to or tours with, but they are second to none when it comes to musicianship.  They make a lot of noise for 3 guys up on that stage.  

The encore included a deeper cut called Last Days and wrapped with 2 of their biggest hits, The Red and Send The Pain Below.  Another great evening with the boys in Chevelle.

The Fillmore Philly, along with The Mann Center, are definitely my two favorite venues for shows