Sean Patrick

Metallica - Metlife Stadium - 5/14

Second Metallica show in 3 days.  Life is good.  It was also my birthday, so it was a good time spending it at the show and with some good friends.

Much like the Philly, Metallica killed.  I'm sure Volbeat and Avenged Sevenfold did as well, but I was busy with beverage intake in the parking lot.  

Metallica has been switching up the setlist with 3 or 4 different songs each not.  Different from the Philly show at Metlife was Fuel, Whiplash, and Fight Fire With Fire.  My seats were in the back so I was able to take in the entire stage and everything that was going on from lasers to fire to the massive screens that spread the entire stage.  Metallica is at the top of their game in 2017.  Their setlists have covered a wide majority of their catalog, which is hard to do when you've been making hit records since 1983.  Thirty plus years into their career and still headlining stadiums is impressive.  Not many can say that these days.  The opening number Hardwired to the closer Enter Sandman, Metallica brought their A game.

If you get a chance, check the live video of One and Master of Puppers on the WMGM Facebook page.  The performace is pretty epic and with video behind it is visually stunning