Sean Patrick

Decibel Metal & Beer Fest - Fillmore Philly - 4/22/2017

Decibel Magazine brought their metal and beer fest to The Fillmore Philly on April 22nd and 23rd.  I headed up on Saturday to try some craft beers from around the country.  They said they were the most metal beer from around the US and they weren't kidding.  Left me with a splitting headache by the end of the night.  

The bands?  Well, I saw a little of one and heard another.  No idea what their names were and well again, I was their for the beer and turns out, to meet a metal legend and a killer comedian.  


While hanging sampling the Megadeth beer, A Tout Le Monde, a saison beer that I've had the pleasure of having before, comedian and former That Metal Show host Don Jamieson walks on by.  He stopped by a chatted with us.  Super chill dude that just loves his metal.  Chatted a bit more upstairs before he hosted a Q&A with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and the brewer of the Megadeth Beer.  Got a bit of the history of how the beer came about (video is on the WMGM Facebook Page) and then had a chance to take a pic with Mr. Mustaine.  Btw, love the Megadeth beer!  Good stuff!


Cool event for metal and beer fans.  There were plenty of vendors there selling tshirts, cds, vinyl, and all things metal.  Good job Decibel Magazine and Fillmore Philly!