Sean Patrick

Steel Panther - Starland Ballroom - 4/8/2017

I know I'm late... 


Steel Panther as always Rocked the Starland Ballroom on April 8th.  A solid 3 band bill for a sold out? (if not, damn close) crowd at the Starland.  This was my 4th Steel Panther show and if you've been to one of their shows, ya know what you're in for... good time rock n roll, jokes, and 80's ladies (clothing optional).

Up first was local boys Rahway.  Always solid.  Just some kick ass rock n roll with great melody.  They have a new record coming up that I've had a chance to listen to.  Good stuff.  Definitely check them!

Up next is a band you heard on WMGM in 2016 with their song Go.  Citizen Zero, hailing from Detroit, was solid as well.  Tight live band that did a killer cover of Stranglehold from Ted Nugent.  The crowd, much like Rahway, enjoyed the openers.   Now for the headliners...


Enter Steel Panther.  With songs named 17 Girls in a Row, Gloryhole, Goin' in the Backdoor, and Asian Hooker, how are you not going to have a good time.  If you go into a Steel Panther show not really knowing what you got yourself into, well you might be a little confused.  No you didn't time warp to 1987, it really is 2017.  But I bet you'll leave a fan!!!  Don't take them too seriously, trust me, they don't either.  Lead guitarist Satchel is a solid player and his solo including him going on the drum kit is stellar.  And lets not forget the bass player Lexxi touch up his (or is it a her) makeup while the band is playing.  Yes, while the band is playing.  It's just one big party with girl invited up on stage at the end of the show (and anything goes btw).  The encore was the classic Community Property and Party All Day (F All Night).  A good time was had by all, especially the band!


Thank you Starland Ballroom for another epic evening!