Sean Patrick

Weekend Brewery Beer Run

Hit some local NJ Breweries over the weekend.  I've visited them in the past, but keeping with the theme supporting local and well, I love beer.  Here's a quick review of some of the brews I enjoyed...



Congrats to Garden State Beer Company, who celebrated their 1st anniversary on Saturday, March 4th.  The turnout was amazing, just as their brews.  Already a big fan of their Blue Jersey and Cream of the Crop, Garden State offered flavored cream ales throughout the night.  I was a big fan of the Cherry and Mango brews.  IPA fans should definitely check out Garden State as well.  Check them out at gardenstatebeerco.com

Quick stop at Glasstown Brewering Company in Millville on Sunday.  My second visit and fell in love with their Fortescue Fisherman's Ale.  If you're thinking, Millville has a brewery?  It's back with the airport, where I used to go with my mom with a packed lunch and watch the airplanes take off in the late 70's/early 80's.  Now I visit for beer, not even sure I saw an airplane on Sunday.  Check them out at glasstownbreweringcompany.com

An unplanned visit to Tuckahoe Brewing Company followed (the wife's idea, not my).  Always been on the fence with their beer, but they won me over with their Belgium Summer Ale and their Sea of Grain brew, which has them teaming up with fellow Jersey Brewery Screaming Hill out of Cream Ridge, NJ.  Home runs on both!  Friends arrived, and a quick stop for a beer turned into a 3 hour stay!  Check them out at tuckahoebrewing.com