Sean Patrick

ZZ Top - Caesars - 3/3/17

Friday night Rock N Roll Hall of Famers ZZ Top brought there Tonnage Tour to the Caesars Circus Maximus Theater in Atlantic City.  I'd seen ZZ Top twice before, once in 2002 in AC and sometime in the late 2000's in Camden (much of that evening is a blur).  I was always underwhelmed by them live.  The stage show is simple.  Three guys rockin' their blues rock to a loyal fan base that's been following them since 1969.  But after seeing Billy Gibbons live with Kings of Chaos late last year (also featuring members of Stone Temple Pilots, The Cult, GnR/Velvet Revolver, Linkin Park, Cheap Trick, and more), I was impressed enough with him live to give ZZ Top another chance.  Always dug ZZ's hits, especially their 70's stuff.  Lets give them another try...

Listen, they keep it simple and do what they do best.  Paraded out their hits (Tush, Legs, Gimmie All Your Lovin', Cheap Suinglasses just to name a few).  Billy Gibbons blues guitar is spot on.  They hark back to the 80's with their strut and dance thing, only slower in 2017.  Even brought out the furry guitars for Legs, made famous from the countless airplay on MTV.  Yet, for me, something is missing.  Maybe the studio layered guitars aren't there as suggested on my Facebook page.  Maybe I'm missing the flashy 80's videos.  I don't know.  The band is tight.  Gibbons rips on the guitar, though his mic needs to be turned up.  His voice is already low to start with and his guitar definitely drowns him out.  They paid tribute to a couple of artists, including Jimi Hendrix who took them out on the road when ZZ first started out.  Their cover of Foxy Lady fell flat for me. 

In the end, the crowd loved them and they've been doing it for 45+ years, so clearly they're doing something right.