Sean Patrick

New tunes for your ears

Some new music you'll be hearing on MGM and my take...


Seether - Let You Down, taken from "Poison The Parish" in stores May 12th
At first listen, the riff reminds me of Chevelle's "Take Out the Gunman".  At second and third listen, it still does!  Not to take away from the song.  It's a simple, 3 minute rocker that Seether is known for.  Good, catchy tune that Seether fans will be happy with.  Seether is hitting the road to support the new single and album.  They'll be at the Fillmore Philadelphia on July 27th and one of the opening bands is Letters From The Fire, which leads us to the next review...


Letters From The Fire - Worth The Pain, taken from "Worth The Pain", in stores now
Buddy of mine turned me on to this band.  This song, along with their first single "Give In To Me" remind me of what I thought the last Halestorm record was gonna sound like.  Well, it didn't.  Letters From The Fire seem to be filling that void at the moment.  Kick ass, in your face Rock songs with powerful vocals from Alexa Kabazie.  The guitars rock as well.  Can't find much I don't like about this song and band.  Definitely check them out if you like catchy hard rock songs with powerful female vocals.  Speaking of Halestorm...


Halestorm - Still of the Night, taken from ReAnimate 3.0, in stores now
Halestorm likes to put this covers records out in between studio records.  They choose some obvious covers, interesting covers, and off the wall covers.  This one is in Halestorm's wheel house.  They do an excellent job covering this Whitesnake classic.  Lzzy Hale's vocals are spot on and the band does the original justice.  This cover has even cracked the Top 20 on the Rock charts at the moment.  They also do a great job paying tribute to Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" as well

Biffy Clyro - Howl, taken from Eclipse, in stores now
I've been seeing people talk about this band lately and come to find out, MGM is spinning the tune as well.  I was surprised to find out Biffy Clyro have been around since 1999 and have quite the following in Europe.  The single "Howl" is definitely on the pop side of rock, but it hooks you in imediately.  Even if they don't break thru on Rock Radio, I can see this band landing on several different Radio formats.  Listening to "Howl" makes me wanna check out the rest of the record.