Sean Patrick

NJ Brewery Tour - 2/18/17

Brewery Tour on Saturday... Quick review of the 6 I hit...


Magnify - Fairfield, NJ
Cool little setting with friendly staff located in an old shopping strip.  If IPA's are your thing, this is a brewery to hit.  I enjoyed their Vine Shine brew.


Cricket Hill - Fairfield, NJ
Three Lagers on the board.  I'm all in.  Enjoy them all, plus the Red Ale was tasty to!  Warehouse setting with plenty of seating.  Side note, if you're Steelers fan, there's a giant sign that says you're in Steelers country/nation.


Hi Point / Ramstein Beer - Butlet, NJ
Tucked away in an alley that reminded me of what I would find in Ireland.  Small with a cool brewery setting.  Had their Amber Lager, which was one of my favorite brews of the day.


The Alementary - Hackensack, NJ
First off, by far the busiest brewery of the day.  Had the Lager that was on the tap and again, delicious.  I could see myself hanging at this spot all day.  Shout out to the Good Food, Good Moon food truck and the Mac n Cheese Burger I had.  Hit the spot.


Brix City - Little Ferry, NJ
Warehouse setting, though from the outside it looked like an old elementary school.  Some good brews, especially the Gloria Belgain Blonde was good and the Cheap Labor brew was tasty as well.  Not a dark beer fan, but they had a nice selection if that is your beer of choice.


NJ Beer Company - North Bergen, NJ
Another warehouse setting.  The staff were super nice, especially considering a slightly intoxicated friend with a million questions.  Hudson Pale Ale was my favorite.  Another stop for the IPA lover. Spent the most time here as it was the last stop on the tour.  Cool hang with some new friends.  

Great day of brewery touring in the books