Matt Murray

Lap Dance yea...Drinks ney


Soooo follow along if you can...From the Miami Herald "


Those operating plans included provisions for lap dances to continue provided dancers wore gloves and masks, the same rules required of barbers and massage therapists. Miami-Dade approved those plans, and places like Booby Trap and Body Miami reopened even as COVID trends were worsening in the county.


On Monday, Gimenez appeared to end the lap-dance provision with language requiring 10 feet of distance between “performers” and “patrons.




Ok...that seems sad..10 ft away,,,in a dark club, and what it if you have poor eyesight? But wait! that's not the case




It turns out, that’s not the case. The 10-foot rule existed in the original June 4 order, and a top Gimenez deputy said it does not apply to lap dancers. “The lap dances are not considered a performance,” Deputy Mayor Jennifer Moon said. She confirmed lap dances remain authorized in Miami-Dade. She did not say what the county considers them if not performances.




Sooo if a Lap dance isn't a performace...what is it? I may have to go to South Florida and investigate this's the least I can far as Jersey jiggle ranchs opening back up? Maybe Gov Murphy will let it happen if they wear a welders mask...Rona 2020