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103.7 WMGM Rocks has teamed up with Trump Taj Mahal for a Battle of the Bands competition every Tuesday night from 7p to 10p at Ego Bar & Lounge starting July 30th and ending with the finals on August 27th.  Each Tuesday will be hosted by a WMGM jock and we'll take one winner each week to battle at the finals!!!


Grand Prize is $1000 along with a gig at Ego Bar.  3 Runners up win $500 each


Each band will play 3 cover songs.  Three (3) bands will play each Tuesday with four (4) total bands making it to the finals.

(this is not a paid gig)

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    JAMES FRANCO LASHES OUT AT NEW YORK TIMES THEATER CRITIC: James Franco was less than pleased with the New York Times theater critic's review of his new show Of Mice And Men and he took out his frustrations on Instagram. James posted a jab at the reviewer which he quickly deleted which read, "Sadly Ben Brantley and the NYT have embarrassed themselves. Brantley is such a little b**ch he should be working for instead of the paper of record. The theater community hates him, and for good reason, he's an idiot." James recently had some Instagram trouble when he was supposedly flirting with an underage girl whom he met after a performance of his show.

    PAUL WALKER'S MOTHER IS NO LONGER SEEKING GUARDIANSHIP OF HIS DAUGHTER: Cheryl Ann Walker, mother of the late Paul Walker, has dropped her petition for guardianship of his 15-year-old daughter. The original paperwork alleged that the girl's mother should not have custody because of a supposed drinking problem. A hearing had been set for April 30th but the family was apparently able to settle the matter out of court.

    ROSIE O'DONNELL HAS DROPPED 50 POUNDS: Rosie O'Donnell took to Twitter yesterday (April 17th) to show off her nearly 50 pound weight loss. The comedian posted a before and after photo of her results from weight loss surgery she underwent in July 2013. She wrote it the caption, "Almost 50 lbs off – I can see it now." Rosie's decision to drop weight was motivated by a heart attack she suffered in 2012.

    KIRSTEN DUNST DISCUSSES THE HOLLYWOOD CASTING COUCH: Sofia Coppola interviews Kirsten Dunst in the new issue of W magazine where they discuss directors taking advantage of actress' on the "casting couch." When asked if she has ever experienced anything like that, Kirsten responded, "No. I don't give off that vibe. I think that you court that stuff, and to me it's crossing a boundary that would hinder the trust in your working relationship."

    KERRY WASHINGTON DISCUSSES HIDING HER PREGNANCY ON 'SCANDAL': Kerry Washington recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the difficulties of having to hide her pregnancy while filming her ABC drama Scandal. She explained, "I work very physically as an actor. The biggest thing for me has been the challenge of how to be this person with the personal transformation that's going on for me physically and how to stay true to this character. That hasn't been easy. It's been an awesome challenge for me as an actor because so much of how I access character is through my body. It's definitely been complicated to say the least. I've learned a lot about other ways to access Olivia and be her."


    Things are reportedly getting a little tense on the set of Glee. TMZ is reporting that Naya Rivera and Lea Michele allegedly recently butt heads leading one of them to storm off set.

    Some sources tell the website that Lea supposedly pulled some diva antics on Tuesday (April 15th) and held everyone up which apparently prompted Naya to have a chat with producers about how much her co-star was pissing everyone off. Lea caught wind of the conversation and left work. Other sources claim that their characters weren't even shooting scenes together that day and the truth is that Naya was sent away.

    • Multiple sources have also told the website that Naya was fired from the show which is being denied by sources close to her.
    • Gossip Cop spoke to insiders who insist there is no bad blood on set and that Naya was upset about things before showing up to filming -- none of which had anything to do with Lea.


    Nancy Grace managed to get on Seth Rogen's bad side on Wednesday (April 16th) after posting several anti-marijuana tweets. Seth seemed to have enough of Nancy's antic after she posted three tweets using the hashtag #pottoblame in reference to a story about a man who allegedly shot his wife after eating weed.

    The TV host wrote, "Cops say daddy eats marijuana & goes crazy. He shoots his wife in the head while she pleads with 9-1-1 for help! #PotToBlame? If pot makes you mellow and laid back, why does this guy allegedly turn berserk and gun down his wife? #PotToBlame? How many people must die before this stops?! #PotToBlame?"

    • Seth responded by writing, "@NancyGraceHLN you are a f***ing dumbass."
    • Nancy shot back with, ".@Sethrogen hi seth! thx for watching!"


    The newly announced sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire that is in the works will probably be short at least one cast member from the original film. Mara Wilson, who played Robin Williams' youngest daughter in the film, took to Twitter on Thursday (April 17th) to address her involvement.

    She wrote, "For the record, no, I do not have anything to do with the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, nor will I. I've been in some mediocre movies, but I've never been in a sequel. And I have no interest in being in one now. Sequels generally suck unless they were planned as part of a trilogy or series. I think Doubtfire ended where it needed to end. I'm glad I had the chance to be in it, and I'm proud of what we did, but I don't see how we could do it again. There are many, many reasons I don't want to be in Mrs. Doubtfire 2. But they haven't even asked me (yet), so no need to worry. They haven't asked me to be in it, and I think it would be weird if they did! I don't act much and am not a cute little kid anymore. I loved being in Doubtfire, and I'm grateful every day I had that experience. I met my sister-for-life Lisa there. I had a great time. But I don't think a sequel makes sense plotwise, and I don't think there'd be a part for me even if I did still act and was interested."

    • Wilson previously discussed her decision to quit acting to Us Weekly saying, "Film acting is not very fun. Doing the same thing over and over again until, in the director's eyes, you 'get it right', does not allow for very much creative freedom. The best times I had on film sets were the times the director let me express myself, but those were rare."
    • TMZ spoke with Matthew Lawrence, who played Robin's son in the 1993 comedy, who told the website, "Of course I would be on board. I hope they make the second as good as the first. The first was so good."
    • Lisa Jakub, who played the eldest daughter Lydia, wrote on her Facebook page, "No one involved with the movie has contacted me and I don't know any more than you do about the details. Lots of people are asking if I would do it - and my answer is a really solid "I don't know." It's really hard to comment on something you have no information about. I'm not sure if my character would still be hanging out with the rest of the Hillards. I'm pretty sure Lydia would be a lawyer, living in some remote part of the world, defending the downtrodden and sneering at the bad guys."

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