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JENNA MORASCA ARRESTED FOR DUI: Former Survivor winner Jenna Morasca was arrested for a DUI and drug possession last month after reportedly biting a police officer. The 37-year-old was treated for an apparent overdose after being found unconscious in a running car at a stop sign in Washington, PA. A female passenger was seen putting a bag containing syringes in her purse. Officers gave Morasca a dose of Narcan, which is used to treat overdoses. When she came to, she attempted to bite the medics and succeeding in biting an officer in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Morasca won Survivor: The Amazon in 2002 and received the grand prize of $1 million.

JULIANNE HOUGH DEBUTS FIERY TRESSES: Previously blonde Julianne Hough got into the spirit of things on Valentine’s Day and debuted a bright red head of hair! She shared the shot on Instagram. "I have never felt more like ME than I do right now!! I have always felt like a red head my whole life, even to the point that I’ve thought that my future daughter would 100% be a red head," she wrote. "I’ve seriously talked about doing this for six years, ask anyone who knows me … and now that I’m on this new journey, exploring and finding out who I truly am, I said screw it! I feel more feminine and alive and I love it!"

DAVID SPADE GOT SO HIGH AT ELLEN DEGENERES’ PARTY: It was so much fun, but he can barely remember the details! David Spade stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday to deconstruct her fabulous 60th birthday party, and it sounds like he needs all the help he can get. Spade confesses that he was high on marijuana and drunk, but that didn’t prevent him from remembering some snippets. "Kim Kardashian was close by. I think she was winding down, and Kris Jenner didn't want to leave. I was thinking, 'What if my mom was at my same part as a kid? It'd be so crazy,'" Spade recalled. "Because Kim was like, 'Let's go.' And she was like, 'Ten more minutes!' She's like, 'Mom!' She's like, 'Wait in the car then!'" He also explains that he didn’t chat with DeGeneres because he thought she was Justin Bieber because of her haircut.

LUKE WILSON HAILED A ‘HERO’ AFTER RESUING WOMAN IN FATAL CRASH: Luke Wilson was involved in a three-vehicle car crash in California Tuesday night, and while he wasn’t injured, the driver of the Ferrari that sparked the collision was killed, and his passenger, the pro golfer Bill Hass was injured. The driver of the vehicle he smashed into was seriously injured as well. While Wilson’s car was clipped by the Ferrari, he was not seriously hurt, and was able to sprang to action and assist the unnamed 50-year-old driver of car that was crushed. He and another bystander pried open the back of the car and pulled her out of the back. She is reportedly recovering.