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  • A petition allegedly created by Creed fans to change the name of the upcoming boxing movie Creed has turned out to be a hoax, according to Spin. The trailer for the movie, a spinoff of Sylvester Stallone's Rocky films, debuted earlier this week and a petition was posted a short time later at Change.org by someone claiming to be a fan of the rock group. The petition called for the film's studio, MGM, to change the name of the movie to avoid confusion with the band.

    The petition claimed that the movie was "making it difficult, if not impossible, for the still-vital online Creed fanbase to exchange thoughts and discussion regarding band developments . . . MGM has completely disrespected the Creedmunity by using the name of the still-popular band for their non-Creed related movie and have been stifling conversation by flooding social media hashtags and searches with non-music Creed discussion."

    • The fake petition was started by indie filmmaker Nick Robinson, who offered alternate titles such as Apollo Creed’s Son, Boxer Creed, Creed (Not The Band) and many others.
    • Robinson wrote, "We can make a difference. The online Creed fanbase and the discussion of this movie do not have to be enemies. We can be friends. However I can guarantee that if MGM does NOT change the title that no self-respecting Creed fan will EVER see this movie, not even on bootleg!!!!!!!!!!"
    • Robinson was looking for a mere 100 signatures and had received 67 by press time.
    • Creed, the movie, opens on November 25th and features Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan as the son of late boxer Apollo Creed, who wants to follow in his father's footsteps and recruits his father's one-time rival, Rocky Balboa, as his trainer.
    • Creed, the band, appears to be defunct again as singer Scott Stapp attempts to get his family and life back together by going on a reality show later this year following last winter's drug-induced mental breakdown.

  • President Barack Obama extended an invitation to the Black Keys to come and perform at the White House on Wednesday (July 1st). The president posted on his Twitter account that he was listening to the Keys' "Lonely Boy" and Outkast's "Liberation" when asked during an "Ask POTUS" session what his current favorite songs were. The Black Keys tweeted him back, asking if they could use Air Force One for their upcoming gigs. Obama responded, "It's not mine; just a loaner. Maybe you can come play at the White House sometime instead?"

    • The Keys have yet to respond in public to the offer, although they did retweet the president's response.
    • The gig needs to happen between now and January 2017, when Obama vacates the White House at the end of his second term.
    • The Black Keys recently returned to the road after an unplanned four-month hiatus due to drummer Patrick Carney's January shoulder injury.
    • They're set to appear at several festivals over the summer, including the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco on August 8th.
    • The debut album from frontman Dan Auerbach's new side band The Arcs, titled Yours, Dreamily, will arrive on September 4th.

  • Foo Fighters are at it again with their weird and often hilarious tour rider requests. For the kick-off to the band's North American tour tomorrow (Saturday, July 4th) in Washington D.C., the group has banned eight random items from the venue, including Frisbees, copies of Boy's Life magazine, uncured meats of any kind, weapons that may have been used on the show Vikings, selfie sticks, drones and wallet chains.

    A normal rider usually sets out the group's requirements for every performance it gives, and some artists are known for their ridiculous or obnoxious demands. The Foos have taken that idea to new heights of absurdity in the past, with one 2011 rider printed as a children's activity book.

    • That rider featured coloring book pages, drawings of all the Foos, a word hunt for "catering don'ts," a maze to get guitarist Chris Shiflett to the catering area and more. The "activity book" was put together by longtime Foos tour manager Gus Brandt.
    • A revised edition later that year banned "light sabers, garden gnomes or laser pens" from venues, while warning that promoters would "receive a wedgie" if clean towels were not provided.
    • The July 4th show at RFK Stadium will launch the Foos' biggest North American trek to date. But drummer Taylor Hawkins told us not long ago that America has never necessarily been the Foos' biggest market: "As a band, we've always actually been a little bit bigger outside of America. England, we do really well and Australia we do really well and a lot of parts of Europe we do well. And we do well in America, but mainly in the big cities, you know. We're not huge necessarily in the Midwest and places like that because, frankly, America's big."
    • The band will hit arenas, amphitheaters and stadiums on the tour, including New York’s Citi Field on July 16th, a doubleheader at Boston’s Fenway Park on July 18th and 19th, and an August 29th Chicago gig at Wrigley Field.
    • The Foos are going ahead with the tour despite frontman Dave Grohl's broken leg, which he sustained in a fall from a stage in Sweden last month.

  • Slipknot percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan told the BBC that he wants the band to record a concept album in the vein of Pink Floyd's The Wall or the Beatles's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Crahan, who wants to make it a double record set, explained, "I've been on (guitarist) Jim Root, and I'm just, like, 'Man, we've gotta write an art record' . . . I'd love it if we could do a double album with interludes. Have a concept, maybe make a movie. Things that have all been done before, but our way, our interpretation."

    • Slipknot singer Corey Taylor's other band, Stone Sour, made a double concept album in 2012 called House Of Gold And Bones. He told us at the time that he wanted to make albums into "events" again: "It used to be albums were something you looked forward to. You counted down those days. And now kids can just hit a button and it's like, 'I have it.' You know, there's nothing special about it anymore."
    • Slipknot's latest album, .5: The Gray Chapter, came out last fall and was the band's first studio set in six years.
    • The disc was the band's first without founding bassist Paul Gray, who died in 2010, and original drummer Joey Jordison, who was dismissed three years later.
    • Slipknot recently announced the lineup for the 2015 edition of Knotfest, which will take place on October 23rd, 24th and 25th at San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore, California.
    • The full lineup includes Slipknot, Korn, Judas Priest, Mastodon, Trivium, Corrosion Of Conformity, Bring Me The Horizon, All That Remains, Devour The Day, Suicidal Tendencies and many others.
    • Slipknot's Summer's Last Stand tour kicks off on July 24th in West Palm Beach, Florida, wrapping up six weeks later on September 5th in Dallas.

  • Rush drummer Neil Peart told Rolling Stone that he's surprised no one has approached the band about making a film version of their 2012 concept album, Clockwork Angels. Peart said, "To me, it would make an amazing movie and I thought it would happen organically -- that by now somebody would've been at my door with a big bushel of dollars saying, ‘Let's make this happen!’ And it hasn't."

    The album's lyrics chronicle a young man’s journey across a steampunk world filled with pirates, anarchists and exotic carnival performers. Peart has already collaborated with sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson on a novel and comic book version of the story.

    • But he admitted that the lack of movie interest was "astonishing," adding, "I thought, ‘What a great semi-retirement project for the three of us,’ because Geddy (Lee, bassist) loves cinema, Alex (Lifeson, guitarist) for the soundtrack, and me for the story. But I was hoping that's a project that the three of us would undertake at some point."
    • Clockwork Angels was Rush's first concept album since 1978's Hemispheres, and Alex Lifeson told us at the time it was fun to make that kind of record again: "All our records really are thematic, and there is a connection and a fluidity that runs through them. But this one is a little more overt and there's a little more of a story to it, and I think it gave Neil an opportunity to express himself on a wider platform."
    • Rush is currently in the midst of what the band claims will be its final major tour, although they have left the door open for selected performances and limited runs in the future.
    • Their recent hometown concerts in Toronto were filmed for a future release.


    WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER TRAILER RELEASED: The full-length trailer for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp has been released. The mini-series, a prequel to the 2001 cult classic Wet Hot American Summer, will feature eight episodes showcasing the gang’s first day at Camp Firewood. Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig are all starring, among others.


    MOTHER OF DOINK THE CLOWN SUES WWE: Doink the Clown had serious brain injuries that led to his death, according to a lawsuit filed against WWE by his mother. Doink – his real name is Matthew Osborne – died from a drug overdose in 2013, but according to the lawsuit, his drug addiction was the result of years of concussions sustained while wrestling, a problem that WWE ignored. The lawsuit lists dozens of examples, including the Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect and Randy Savage, who were also plagued by injuries that the WWE ignored, resulting in their deaths as well.

    UNIVISION FILES IPO: Univision, the biggest Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S., has filed an IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to Deadline Hollywood. This has been a busy week for the network, which was hit by a $500 million lawsuit from Donald Trump, a GOP presidential candidate who got into hot water after making controversial remarks about immigrants. Trump’s lawsuit demands "an order awarding damages in favor of Mr. Trump for defamation against Defendants, jointly and severally, in an amount to be determined at trial, but believed to be in excess of $500 million, together with interest." Univision hit back, saying the lawsuit is "both factually false and legally ridiculous."

    ‘I CAN DO THAT!’ IS RENEWED: NBC has renewed the variety show I Can Do That! for eight episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series features six entertainers training and competing to show off talents. The roster of talent for season one included Ciara, Cheryl Burke and Joe Jones. The show is based on an Israeli format and is produced in 15 different countries. NBC is reportedly building up its slate of variety programs with Neil Patrick Harris’ new effort debuting in September.

    COURT OVERTURNS DECISION FAVORING ‘BLACK SWAN’ INTERNS: The 2nd Circuit of Appeals delivered a big setback to interns hoping to be paid by studios. The Court vacated a federal judge’s ruling in favor of two interns who worked on Fox Searchlight’s Black Swan, Alex Footman and Eric Glatt. The interns contended that the unpaid internship program violated minimum wage and overtime laws and when a judge found in their favor, many other media and entertainment lawsuits were brought to court, with NBCUniversal and Viacom paying millions of dollars to resolve the claims. The lastst ruling states: "In sum, we agree with the defendants that the proper question is whether the intern or the employer is the primary beneficiary of the relationship."


    Celebrities may really be just like us (when it comes to divorce). It seems that some of the things that probably drew Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner together in the beginning may have been what led to the eventual demise of their marriage.

    The duo had different priorities and personal styles, according to People Magazine, which spoke to sources close to the couple. Garner, a West Virginia born-and-bred band geek with a weakness for Martha Stewart and all things homey, simply grew apart from Affleck, who grew up in Boston, working as a child actor and developing into a busy, ambitious actor / director who simply didn’t have the time (or perhaps interest) to spend a lot of time at home with Garner and their three children.

    • As previously reported, the split was a mutual decision. They plan to co-parent their children. RadarOnline reports that the couple is already living separately, with Garner and the children in the family home, and Affleck at a bungalow at a five-store hotel nearby.
    • Meanwhile, sources tell TMZ that their split had nothing to do with Affleck’s former fiancée, Jennifer Lopez as some speculated.


    Donald Trump has successfully found a broadcaster for the Miss USA Pageant -- a coup that may help his pride, but not his wallet.

    Reelz has agreed to air the Miss USA Pageant after it was dumped by Univision and NBC, according to TMZ. Reelz’ CEO Stan E. Hubbard said of the move: "As one of only a few independent networks, we decided to exercise our own voice and committed ourselves to bringing this pageant to American viewers everywhere. Hubbard also says that the fee the network is paying Trump is less than the cost of production.

    • No word on who else will be participating as the co-hosts Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts bowed out earlier this week. Trump is allegedly suing Univision for $500 million. The pageant is scheduled for July 12.
    • Meanwhile, Trump continues to loudly and passionately defend his remarks about Mexican immigrants, claiming that calling them rapists, criminals and drug lords was "far less controversial" than remarks that President Obama has recently made, according to The Wrap.
    • America Ferrera penned a public letter to Trump "thanking" him for his offensive comments: "I heard what you said about the kind of people you think Latino immigrants are — people with problems, who bring drugs, crime and rape to America. While your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, I don’t want to spend my time chastising you. Instead, I’m writing to say thank you! You see, what you just did with your straight talk was send more Latino voters to the polls than several registration rallies combined! Thank you for that."
    • Ferrera continues: "Here we are pounding the pavement to get American Latinos to the polls, while your tactic proves most effective. Remarks like yours will serve brilliantly to energize Latino voters and increase turnout on election day against you and any other candidate who runs on a platform of hateful rhetoric."
    • In an interview Wednesday on CNN, Trump said that the "liberal mainstream media" was perpetrating a double standard by failing to call President Obama out for saying that those who enter America illegally are "gangbangers" who should be deported.
    • The Twitterverse is a flutter, with many predicting that the controversy will be bad for Republicans.
    • Slate says that Trump is showing the GOP’s true colors: Donald Trump IS the Republican base: his brand of crazy has propelled him into second place. http://t.co/LNMWhYJ3J9 pic.twitter.com/OFDxEgJJyl

      — Slate (@Slate) July 2, 2015
    • Esquire piles on: .@realdonaldtrump tells CNN's Don Lemon: "Somebody's doing the raping" http://t.co/QXvZG4uV0g

      — Esquire Magazine (@esquire) July 2, 201


    BRODY JENNER SAYS CAITLYN IS A BETTER PARENT THAN BRUCE JENNER: Caitlyn Jenner has admitted that his marriage to Kris Jenner in 1991 sidelined his relationship with his eldest children. However, now that she is living a more authentic life, her eldest children are reaping the benefits. Says Brody Jenner: "Caitlyn is a much freer, happier person and I think that’s very special. I think that the most important thing is that people who are in that situation, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be yourself. And if you’re not accepted by your family, there will be people who will accept you."

    TERESA GIUDICE DISHES ABOUT ORANGE BURGERS AND CHURCH IN PRISON DIARY: The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, is reporting on her time behind bars at the Federal Correction Institution in Danbury, Conn., in a journal, which she plans to spin into a memoir following her release this December, according to US Weekly Magazine. In one entry, she expressed dissatisfaction with the menu: "I had tater tots, a soy burger that was so gross and orange!" A later entry noted a more pleasant time spent in church: "Great Mass. I enjoy going to church, it makes me feel good after I go and during. I feel like God is really present there with me."

    GYMNAST ALY RAISMAN POSES NUDE FOR ESPN: The 21-year-old Olympic gymnast is one of a handful of athletes who recently posed nude for ESPN The Magazine, according to People Magazine. The 5-foot-2-inch, 115-pound athlete revealed that post-Olympic life may not be as golden as one would expect: "Even though at the 2012 Olympics we were so happy to win the gold medal, every day is not like that. I think people don't understand that; people don't see that side of the sport – the frustration, how much it takes a toll on your body, and mentally as well." She made it to the finals in Dancing with the Stars season 16, and says that if she makes it the Olympics in Rio next summer, she will "be the oldest U.S. gymnast. My body is a little bit more achy than it was before, but at the same time I feel like I’m smarter now."

    PARIS HILTON WAS IN ON PLANE CRASH STUNT: Paris Hilton was in on the "near plane crash" stunt pulled off by an Egyptian production company, TMZ reveals. According to the documents, the company offered several celebrities big money (in the million dollar range) in March to take part, claiming that authorities in Dubai were even providing security.

    KEVIN HART AND THE ROCK CAUSE MINOR FIRE EMERGENCY ON SET: Kevin Hart and The Rock engaged in some on-set horseplay while shooting a new movie, resulting in a minor fire emergency and a visit from the Somerville Fire Department, according to TMZ. (It ended up just being a smoking light fixture that took about 15 minutes to resolve).

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