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    Metallica will celebrate Record Store Day next month with the release of an exact duplicate of the band's 1982 cassette demo tape, No Life 'Til Leather. The limited edition cassette will be available exclusively in independent record stores on April 18th. It features artwork copies from drummer Lars Ulrich's own personal copy of the original demo, as well as his handwriting.

    The band said in a statement, "In 1982 we recorded seven songs that became our initial calling card known as No Life 'Til Leather, and it led us to our first record deal. The rest, as you some of you may know, is history!" The band added about the new reissue, "We've been digging through the archives, gone to the original source material and re-mastered it to maximize the sound potential for 2015 without altering the original mixes in any way."

    • The band also promised that expanded editions of the demo, which has never before been commercially available, will arrive on CD, vinyl and in a collector's set later this year.
    • The seven-song tape was recorded with the first lineup of the band that appeared live as Metallica, including Ulrich, frontman James Hetfield, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney.
    • We asked Ulrich a while back if he ever misses the old days: "I miss elements of it. I miss the chaos of it. I like chaos. But at the same time, I mean, what that represents mostly to me is not having any responsibilities. Now I got kids at home -- there's a lot different things that you gotta make sure is happening now, and sometimes I miss not having those responsibilities."
    • All the songs on the tape later appeared on the band's 1983 debut album, Kill 'Em All, including "Hit The Lights," "Motorbreath," "Jump In The Fire," "Seek And Destroy," "Metal Militia," "Phantom Lord" and "The Mechanix," which was renamed "The Four Horsemen" on the album.
    • The demo reissue is the first step in an extensive series of re-releases that Metallica plans to undertake. Ulrich told Rolling Stone, "It's time for us to put out some next-level reissues and do the song and dance of the catalog that everyone else has done." He added that fans can expect to hear "a lot of goodies that are laying around in cardboard boxes and tape vaults."


    Killers frontman Brandon Flowers told NME in a new interview that he's unapologetic about his desire to hear his songs on the radio. Flowers explained, "I want to be on the radio. I've never been ashamed to say that. I can't believe where radio has gone. It seems to be such a weird world now. Where once I seemed to fit in, now I'm seen as a little different. I used to be considered mainstream, but now I'm almost avant-garde or art rock compared to what's on the radio."

    • Flowers will release his second solo album, The Desired Effect, on May 18th. It follows up Flowers' 2010 solo debut, Flamingo.
    • Flowers revealed that The Desired Effect was influenced by artists like Peter Gabriel, Sting and Don Henley of the Eagles, saying, "I think if you look at those people, they weren't just catering to little kids. I think adults like pop music too . . . hopefully we've found a place where there's sophistication to it but it also feels accessible."
    • Flowers told us what as a group the Killers liked in the acts they looked up to:
    • Flowers told us a while back what he found inspiring about his own musical role models: "People that we like, like David Bowie and the Beatles, you know, they were able to change the way they looked and give you something fresh, and we really admire that."
    • Flowers plans to hit the road behind the new album.
    • The Killers have been on hiatus since touring behind 2012's Battle Born, but they plan to perform at the Firefly Festival in Delaware this June.


    Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker said in a new interview with Alternative Nation that singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge should "man up" and officially leave the band. Barker and bassist Mark Hoppus announced in February that they were preparing to play this month's Musink Festival with Matt Skiba replacing DeLonge, after the latter reportedly had his manager inform Hoppus and Barker that he was taking an indefinite hiatus from Blink.

    Barker said, "I think the right thing for him to do would just man up and quit the band instead of telling people he didn’t quit and just be real with the fans. I think that would give him some closure too and really do what he’s passionate about. Even amongst all the other projects I do, I can always find a way to prioritize and still be passionate about Blink-182 when it comes around. I love playing, listening, and everything about punk rock. It changed my life. I think for Tom, he doesn’t like punk music and it was a phase for him."

    • Blink had signed a new record deal but could not get DeLonge to commit to either the festival or a date to enter the studio, which Barker called "the last straw."
    • Barker said that Skiba has been "killing it" in rehearsals, adding, "Having someone that’s motivated and stoked to be there makes a world of difference."
    • As for future plans beyond this one festival show, Barker said, "We'll see. The beginning goal was to do the show because we committed to it . . . If we did make an album with Skiba, it would be unreal. I don’t know if that’s a possibility yet because I can’t speak for everybody. Right now it feels like the honeymoon stage. Everyone’s really happy and there’s a vibe in the rehearsal room that we haven’t had in a long time."
    • DeLonge, meanwhile, will be issuing a solo collection of demos and rarities on April 21st.


    Faith No More is streaming the new song "Superhero," which will serve as the first official single from the band's upcoming album, Sol Invictus. The group has also revealed the cover art for the set, which will be their first collection of new music in 18 years. The disc is set to arrive on May 19th through the band's Reclamation Recordings.

    In a new interview at Marvel.com, bassist Billy Gould explained the origins of the song, saying, "'Superhero' actually just started from the sound of the song, where it has these pounding drums and it has like this throbbing kind of pulse, and we just called it the 'Superhero' song. Because a lot of the ways we write we visualize things . . . We kind of make movie scenes for movies that don’t exist. 'Superhero' was one of those where it was definitely a superhero comic."

    • "Superhero" will be available on seven-inch vinyl on March 17th, followed by a digital release on the 31st.
    • Faith No More has also confirmed its first North American shows since 2010 with a spring outing kicking off April 15th in Vancouver.


    Hellyeah and Mudvayne singer Chad Gray told Songfacts in a new interview that he doesn't know if the latter group will ever work together again. Asked if there was a chance for Mudvayne to regroup, Gray said, "I don't know if the full band will. Who knows -- they might be putting something else together. We were talking for a while and that whole Greg thing went down and everything kind of fell apart."

    "The Greg thing" was the departure of Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett from Hellyeah in 2013. Gray called his connection with Tribbett "the only truly solid relationship in (Mudvayne), although Matt (McDonough, drums) and I are still great, Ryan (Martinie, bass) and I still briefly talk. I mean, the only way I personally would want to do Mudvayne is if everybody licked their wounds and got over it."

    • Gray said that there were "a lot of things" that tore Mudvayne apart, adding, "Maybe Mudvayne was the martyr for people that stopped supporting music. You sell 159,000 records the first week, and then the next record is like, 'Whatever, f**k it.'"
    • Gray admitted to Revolver recently that Tribbett's exit from Hellyeah "was like losing a great friend . . . He has always been my right-hand man."
    • Mudvayne posted a message on Facebook one year ago saying that the band had not broken up and would be "back in action" at some point.
    • It's been more than five years since Mudvayne released its self-titled fifth album, which was barely promoted and sold weakly upon release.
    • Gray and Hellyeah are touring behind their latest effort, Blood For Blood.


    Van Halen has confirmed reports that it is releasing its first-ever live album with singer David Lee Roth on March 31st. Tokyo Dome Live In Concert was recorded on June 21st, 2013 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan and features 23 songs taken from all seven albums the band has recorded with Roth on the mic, including 2012's reunion effort, A Different Kind Of Truth. The set will be available in double-CD, four-LP and digital formats. A deluxe edition will feature remastered versions of the band's 1978 self-titled debut album and 1984's 1984 -- both of which will be available separately as well.

    Streaming audio of two songs from the live set, "Panama" and "Runnin' With The Devil," is online now. Roth spoke a while back about how important Van Halen was to rock fans worldwide: "I myself am certainly more aware of it than ever, of how valuable this band is to me and my history, how valuable it is to the neighborhood, to the communities that this music appeals to. And it's a lot of communities! (speaking Spanish) When you can do it in Spanish, you can also... yeah!"

  • Newly remastered versions of Van Halen's other classic Roth-era albums Diver Down, Women And Children First, Van Halen II and Fair Warning are also being prepared for release in the spring.
  • Van Halen's only previous live offering, Live: RIght Here, Right Now was released in 1993 and featured vocalist Sammy Hagar, who replaced Roth in the band after the latter first left in 1985.
  • Van Halen has been silent since canceling most of a summer 2012 tour in support of A Different Kind Of Truth, although rumors about some kind of new recording project from the band have been swirling for months.


    GEORGE CLOONEY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HIS WIFE IS 'THE SMART ONE': George Clooney referred to his wife, Amal, as "the smart one" after making a mistake while speaking at the gala for SeriousFun Children's Network on Monday (March 2nd.) He told the crowd, "Today, there isn't just one camp, but there's a thriving community in the U.S., in Europe, in Israel. Since 1988, these camps have brought over a half-million sick kids and their families from over five hun...-- over 50 countries -- five hundred countries would be too many. There aren't actually that many." George added, "My wife's the smart one." Amal was not present at the event.

    UMA THURMAN IS SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT HER SMILE: Uma Thurman revealed during a recent interview with Hello! magazine that she was mocked for her smile when she was young. The 44-year-old said, "I'm enjoying getting older because I feel I didn't appreciate being pretty when I was younger. I felt terrible. When I was 10, someone told me I had an ugly smile, so I spent the whole of my younger years feeling embarrassed and never smiling with my mouth open. But what are you going to do?" The Slap star recently made headlines for attending the show's premiere with makeup that had many speculating that she had plastic surgery.

    TOM HANKS WASN'T PAID FOR CARLY RAE JEPSEN MUSIC VIDEO: Tom Hanks attended a charity event earlier this week where he chatted with E! about his cameo in Carly Rae Jepsen's new music video for "I Really Like You." The Oscar-winner explained, "I'm telling you it was just all like a fluke. I didn't know it was Carly Rae Jepsen. They were like, 'Would you like to do Carly's video?' And I said, 'Yeah, sure!' And then I found out later the whole name. She's a nice girl. We had a good time." Tom also revealed that the only thing he got for doing the gig was a free sandwich at lunchtime. Hanks also happens to be friendly with Carly's manager, Scooter Braun.

    CARA DELEVINGNE STEPS OUT WITH ST. VINCENT: The romance rumors between Cara Delevingne and Annie Clark, AKA St. Vincent, are going strong after they were photographed together in New York City over the weekend. They were seen strolling the streets the on Sunday (March 1st) -- the day after attending the Queen of the Night show with Zoe Kravitz. A source told Page Six, "Cara and Annie snuck off to the bathroom during dinner and slow-danced at the end of the show. At one point they shared a chair and were hugging and kissing." Rumors of their flirtation first started last week at a party following the Brit Awards.

    'GAME OF THRONES' ACTRESS SIGNS UP FOR NEW YORK CITY MARATHON: Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer has signed up to run the New York City Marathon. She is running to raise money for the charity Team for Kids -- a group that sets up youth running programs all over the country. The marathon will be held on November 1st, 2015.


    Kim Kardashian is getting musical. Sources tell TMZ that the reality star has been taking piano lessons from the classical pianist Oksana Kolesnikova.

    Kim reportedly got a recommendation to use Oksana from Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds. She has supposedly always been interested in the piano after watching her father play when she was young. Oksana revealed that she has also invited Kim to take part in a recital she holds for her students in May which she has reportedly accepted and is planning a big surprise for her family at the event.

    • Kim tweeted about her lessons last month writing, "Just finished my piano lesson in time to watch the Oscar's red carpet!!! I'm going to surprise Kanye by learning one of his songs! He's hardly on social media so he won't know I'm tweeting this lol."
    • The 34-year-old is also rumored to be getting back into playing the violin after her sister, Kourtney, bought her one for Christmas. Kim previously played in grade school.


    Another woman has accused Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her between 1978 and 1980. In an interview with Buzzfeed's Katie J. M. Baker, a 58-year-old woman known only as "Patricia" to avoid the "media circus" said that she met Cosby as a new graduate of University of Massachusetts when he came to the school to speak. She introduced herself to him and said that they started a mentor-mentee relationship. She claimed that he invited her to attend a banquet with him and suggested they had drinks afterwards. She told Bill that she was singer and he offered to help her get into the entertainment business.

    He invited her to a private dinner and she thought that his wife Camille would be there, but when she arrived, there was a table set for two near a fireplace. She said, "I felt alarm bells go off because it did feel intimate, but I was trying to be so grown up and mature."

    Patricia said that Cosby mixed her a drink and then gave her some bizarre acting improvisation directions: to pretend to be an elegant queen with oatmeal dripping all over her face. She said, "It was so creepy. He told me to convince him that I could remain regal and queenlike no matter what I looked like. I would leave the room and walk back in, pretending to be a queen with oatmeal on her face, and he would tell me I was doing it wrong and to go back and try again. Then, I started to feel weird from the drink. And then I don't remember much."

    • Patricia claims she woke up in Cosby's guest room naked with him standing over her in a bathrobe. He told her that she had thrown up and fallen out so he had to wash her dress and then he offered her a toothbrush. She believed him and said that she was very embarrassed. She said that she went home and kept in touch with him afterwards. He sponsored her flights to special events, signed her up for acting classes and paid for a gym membership for her.
    • Then in 1980, he invited her to a live taping of The Dinah Shore Show and upon her arrival took a pill from Cosby after he told her he wouldn't speak to her if she didn't take it. She blacked out again. She said, "I was very sick and knew that someone had penetrated me. Finally, I realized what was happening." After she confronted Cosby, he called her ungrateful and threw her out of his hotel room. She said never told anyone because she was ashamed because of what happened.
    • When Patricia confronted Cosby, he angrily called her ungrateful and threw her out of his hotel room. For years, she didn't tell anyone what happened because of her own shame and perceived responsibility for what had happened.


    Justin Bieber is not too proud to beg Seth Rogen to be part of his roast for Comedy Central. The pop singer posted a series of tweets on Monday (March 2nd) directed at the Neighbors star to convince him to accept the gig -- including starting the hashtag "we want Seth."

    Justin wrote, "Come on man. Check your voicemail. I took it like a man as u blasted a nervous kid fan of yours (me). Now I'm a man. Roast me! I'm still your biggest fan. Even after "the interview." That's dedication. Roast me! Sincerely yours...the piece of s**t...Justin ;) #WeWantSeth #BieberRoast. Where are you now when I need you @Sethrogen. #WhereAreUNow"

    • Beliebers have also been bombarding Seth's social media page with those hashtags.
    • Seth has not responded.

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